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Personal Safety

Read the following tips for keeping yourself and your belongings safe.

Keep Yourself Safe

  • Keep your door closed and locked at all times.
  • Know who is on the other side BEFORE you open your door.
  • Be suspicious of unexpected deliveries.
  • Report lost keys immediately. Do NOT loan your keys to anyone.
  • Engrave your valuables. Also, keep a record of valuables. Write down the serial number, model number, date purchased, price of item and description of item and keep in a safe place. Make a copy and ask your parents or family members to save for you as well.
  • Do not advertise your absence with a note or on social media.
  • Avoid having large sums of money or valuables around.
  • Do not leave your backpacks or laptops unattended.
  • Report any suspicious persons to the SIU Carbondale Department of Public Safety at 618.453.3771.

Keep Your stuff Safe

We’ve teamed up with the Department of Public Safety to ensure you have the information needed to assist officers, should any of your electronics become lost/stolen. Simply fill out the online form and save the email in a safe place. Non-housing students may use the form as well.

Click here to go to University Housing Portal. Once logged into the portal click "My Devices" on the dashboard to utilize the electronic form.

Click here for the paper version of the form.