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Summer and Break Housing information is below.

Summer Housing

Summer Housing is offered May 12 - August 11, 2018.

Summer Housing residents stay on campus in residence hall(s) that are air-conditioned and furnished and include utilities, cable TV, wireless Internet and laundry facilities. Space is available for students with mobility impairments.

Click here to apply or contract, starting Feb. 5, 2018.

Residence Hall Housing

Summer housing will be in University Hall. This four-story residence hall offers laundry facilities, a student lounge and shared cooking space with a microwave and stove. Each room is furnished.

Intersession Housing (May 12 - June 8)

  • LOCATION: Intersession Housing is located in University Hall on East Campus.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Students must be enrolled for Intersession classes or have a spring and summer housing contract on file.
  • MOVE-IN: Move-in for new and current residents begins on May 12. Move-in should take place between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. More information about move-in is available here.

Summer Housing (June 9 – August 4)

  • LOCATION: Summer Housing is located in University Hall on East Campus.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Students must be registered for a minimum of three credit hours for the summer semester.
  • MOVE-IN: Move-in is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on June 9. More information about move-in is available here.

Intersession Housing (August 5 – August 11)

  • LOCATION: Intersession Housing is located in University Hall on East Campus.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Students must have had a summer 2018 housing contract and be contracted for fall 2018/spring 2019.
  • MOVE-IN: Students will move from summer housing to their fall assignment on August 5.

Fall 2018 Housing

Students residing in summer housing through August 11 will move to their fall assignment on August 5. This is considered "early move in", which means additional charges will apply through August 15. The regular fall contract begins on August 16.


Area Style Cost
University Hall Single residence hall room $21 per night

Applications, Contracts & Assignments

Complete and submit an application by clicking the link on the right of this page. You will be offered a contract after your application is processed, provided you meet eligibility requirements. Charges are based on contract dates. A prepayment of $150 (or the total amount due if less than $150) is due with your completed contract. You may make a larger payment up to the total amount owed at the time you contract.

Students moving in May 12 will be assigned a space upon arrival. Students moving in June 9 will receive an email with room assignment information prior to move in.


Students may add money to their Debit Dawg account for use at restaurants in the Student Center and in the community. More information is available by clicking here.

Getting Connected

Find out how to prepare your computer by clicking here.


When packing for on-campus living, keep in mind that the spaces may not be as large as your space at home. Be mindful of what's already included and read through our packing tips and lists by clicking here. Also, we offer a cable connection but not the television or necessary cable connectors in the residence halls.

Visiting Campus & Tours

Information on visiting campus and housing tours is available here.


Student Housing Policy
All single students under the age of 21, not residing with their parents or legal guardians and with fewer than 26 credit hours earned after high school are required to live in University-owned and operated residence halls.

Freshmen commuting from home must have a Housing Policy Verification Form completed. Student housing policies apply to the summer session as well as fall and spring.

Resident Handbook
Residents must comply with all University policies, including those found in the Resident Handbook. Please make sure you are familiar with the policies found in the Resident Handbook prior to moving in.

Smoking Policy
SIU is a smoke-free campus. Learn more by clicking here.

Alcohol Policy
Alcohol is permitted during the summer semester in student rooms where students are 21 years of age and older.

Break Housing

Thanksgiving, Winter & Spring Break

Designated Break Housing is available in Neely Hall in limited quantities. Neely Hall residents may sign up one week prior to break to remain in their rooms during scheduled University breaks. Residents of other on-campus residence halls may sign up for Break Housing during the same period, pending space availability in Neely. Specific Closing Information for each break is located on the left.

The cost of Break Housing is $27 per night and is charged to the student's Bursar Account. Break Housing is charged for the entire break, there is no discount for early departure or for partial stays.

Students planning on staying during breaks (whether in their own room in Neely or in a designated Break Housing space) should make Break Housing arrangements with the Residence Life Office, located in Trueblood Hall. Direct questions to the Residence Life Office at 618/453-3318. Only students signed up for Break Housing may access Neely Hall. All other halls are not accessible during break.

Additional guidelines and information is listed below.

  • MEALS are NOT served during breaks. The dining halls are closed.
  • GUESTS are NOT allowed during breaks. Students registered for break housing may visit other registered break housing residents.
  • Residents staying during break must carry their student ID, FOB, and key at all times.
  • Residents of Wall & Grand Apartments may stay in their apartments and are not subject to the fee associated with Break Housing in the residence halls.

University Housing reserves the right to alter the location of break housing as deemed necessary by such factors as, but not limited to, under-enrollment in break housing, issues with campus buildings or infrastructure, utility outages, etc. The University will provide comparable housing at the published rate, which may be located on- or off-campus, noting that exact duplication of Neely Hall rooms may not be possible.

Closing Information

Closing Information for each break is viewable in the links to the left. This information is updated each year. Questions can be directed to 618/453-3318.