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Mail Service

The mail rooms are located in the commons buildings for each area. Students with a package will receive a package pick-up notification in their mailbox, telling them where to pick up their package. To send mail to your resident, follow the format below but personalize it with the actual building and street number for your student shown in the table below. For example, if your student is living in Neely Hall, you would write your student's room number with the Neely Hall street address and mail code as shown in the example below.

Mailing address format:
Resident Name
Room Number Building Name
Street Address for the Building
Carbondale, IL 62901

John Smith
1201 Neely Hall
275 Neely Drive
Carbondale, IL 62901

East Campus

Building Street Address
Mae Smith Hall (currently offline) 330 Neely Dr
Neely Hall (currently offline) 275 Neely Dr
University Hall 1101 S Wall St

West Campus

Building Street Address
Abbott Hall 850 Lentz Dr
Bailey Hall 1225 Point Dr
Baldwin Hall 800 Lentz Dr
Bowyer Hall 1355 Point Dr
Brown Hall 1300 Point Dr
Felts Hall 1250 Point Dr
Kellogg Hall 905 Lentz Dr
Pierce Hall 1305 Point Dr
Smith Hall 950 Lentz Dr
Steagall Hall 1350 Point Dr
Warren Hall 925 Lentz Dr