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Cable Television

TV Channels

We offer over 80 channels ranging from local broadcast to premium service such as HBO. View the complete residence hall cable channel list on the TV Listings page. Each residence hall room, Wall & Grand apartment, and apartments at Evergreen Terrace is digital cable ready. Apartment channels vary.

How To Connect

Required Items: A digital/HDTV with a clear-QAM tuner (available in most TV's made since 2007), the TV remote, and a coaxial video cable. If your television does not have a QAM tuner, you may purchase a separate digital converter online or at the SalukiTech Store.

Follow the steps below to connect. If your TV does not have the options listed below, refer to your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website.

  1. Connect one end of the coaxial video cable to the coax jack on the wall-plate and connect the other end to the IN or ANTENNA jack on your television.
  2. Set your television tuner to CABLE.
  3. Run your televisions auto-program or scan for channel feature in order to store all available channels.

Cable Issues

Most cable issues can be resolved by autoprogramming or rescanning (see connecting above). Remaining issues can usually be resolved by reading the Cable TV FAQs shown above. If you are still having issues with the cable in your room and have autoprogrammed or rescanned and have read the FAQs, please submit a Maintenance Request through the University Housing Portal or through your RA. Please specify the type of issue as "Other" and include a summary of the issue (no picture, no sound, missing channels) as well as the make and model of your television.