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Eco Rep

EcoReps are sustainability leaders in our residence halls! This leadership opportunity helps build student resumes (future employers are looking for individuals that understand sustainability, no matter the major). Student work as an EcoRep also has the benefit of counting toward the volunteer hour requirement for the Environmental Ambassador award. In addition, if other campus groups requiring volunteer hours are willing to accept these hours for their programs, the Sustainability Office team will be happy to sign off on volunteer sheets.


Serving as Liaison
The Area Council EcoRep serves as liaison between EcoRep team and Area Council, communicating initiatives between the two groups

Report monthly to Hall Directors (and Sustainability Coordinator) the progress (positive and negative) being made in role.

Traininig is required and is facilitated by the Sustainability Office Team. The fall 2017 EcoRep training is September 9, 2017. The spring 2018 EcoRep training (possible early move-in option; likely location: Touch of Nature) is January 12.

Participating in EcoRep Huddles
Monthly EcoRep Huddles, facilitated by the Sustainability Office team, are required. Specific dates will be determined at fall training, based on EcoRep availability.

  • September – week of September 11
  • October – week of October 2
  • November – week of November 6
  • December – week of December 4
  • February – week of February 5
  • March – week of March 5
  • April – week of April 2
  • May – week of April 30

Completing Initiatives
EcoReps must also actively participate in planning and execution of EcoRep initiatives. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tabling, bulletin boards, and other education and awareness activities
  • Event greening
  • Support of collections before holidays and during move-out
  • Earth month, sustainability month, green week, competitions

Students who are interested in becoming an EcoRep can attend an Area Council meeting in their residence hall or contact Geory Kurtzhals, Sustainability Coordinator. Residents interested in sustainability and going green also have the opportunity to live in our “Going Green” Living Learning Community. To learn more about this community, check out our website here.