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More than Just Meat

We all know how important protein is but do you know why?

Protein is essential to muscle growth and recovery and should make up about 10- 35% of your daily calories. Just like we learned that sources of carbohydrates are not all alike, the same goes for sources of protein. Variety is very important to consider.

Many times non-animal sources of protein are forgotten. Protein can also be found in plant sources like:

  • Beans and legumes are very healthy alternatives to meat! They are high in fiber, rich in iron, and easy on the budget.

  • Nuts and seeds are also great sources of protein. Great choices include almonds, flax seeds, walnuts, and pistachios. They are easily incorporated into your favorite baked goods, salads, breakfast items and make great snacks on their own.

  • Whole grains like Quinoa, Oats, and Barley are good sources of protein especially when paired with other protein sources.

  • Soy products like tofu, Edemame, and soy protein powders are great sources of protein especially for vegetarians and vegans.

Next time you are choosing food items or planning a meal, try not forget these stellar sources of protein.

Practice mindful eating!

Your University Housing Nutrition Team,
University Residence Hall Dining

Michele Stoeppelman
Dietetics Graduate Assistant

Stephanie Nehrt
Undergraduate Nutrition Intern