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Fresh vs. Frozen

To buy fresh produce or frozen that is the question. Many families cannot afford to buy fresh produce on a regular basis and that is alright. Here are some reasons why…

Fresh produce, found in stores, are picked before peak ripeness to allow for transit time. This interferes with the nutritional value of the foods. How? Produce that has been allowed to ripen usually contains more vitamins and minerals than produce picked early because it has not fully matured. Frozen produce found in stores are allowed to grow until peak ripeness then they are flash frozen. This process allows for the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals and flash freezing preserves them until you are ready to eat them. Frozen is also beneficial in providing a wider array of produce that may not be in season at the moment. Though some of these off-season produce may be offered fresh, they are often much more expensive.

So unless you have a home garden, you are more likely to get greater benefits from eating flash frozen produce and they are typically more affordable. Next time you go to your local grocery store, take some time to check out the frozen produce so you can eat healthfully year round.

Keep warm and buy frozen ☺ 

Your University Housing Nutrition Team,
University Residence Hall Dining

Michele Stoeppelman
Dietetics Graduate Assistant

Stephanie Nehrt
Undergraduate Nutrition Intern