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Faculty/University Associate Program


Initiated in 1995, the Faculty and University Associate program connects SIU faculty and staff members with residential communities. Associates make a commitment to spend time with the members of their community in a variety of capacities. Sharing meals with residents, presenting programs, attending programs and campus events, tutoring and providing homework assistance are just some of the ways our dedicated Faculty/University Associates or, F/UAs, choose to support the academic mission of University Housing and SIU Carbondale. Many of our F/UAs assist with move-in and attend Saluki Startup events, helping students feel welcomed by the entire university community from their first day on campus.

The F/UA program is designed to be flexible. We acknowledge different communities have different needs, and faculty and staff members each have unique talents and skills they can share with their residents. The goal is for each F/UA to work with their students and Residence Life staff in his/her assigned area to determine how and when he/she can best connect with the community.

Interested in serving as a Faculty/University Associate?

We are always looking for new individuals to be involved with the Faculty/University Associate (F/UA) program. To get more information about the program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us at or 618.453.7535.

What is the expected time commitment for an F/UA?

We understand how demanding your schedule is, and appreciate any time you are able to commit within our communities. While there is not a specific expectation for involvement, we suggest F/UAs connect with their assigned community about once per month (or 3-5 times per semester).

How can I connect with the community if I serve as an F/UA?

The possibilities are endless, and a lot depends on the community and you. Some suggestions include:

  • Present a program about a skill or interest you have (does not have to be directly related to your position on campus, although it could be)
  • Meet up with residents of the community to attend a program or event on campus (e.g. sporting events, lectures, cultural events)
  • Share a meal in one of the dining halls with your residents (link to dining hours of operation)
  • Attend a floor or building event sponsored by the Residence Life staff in the community

How are F/UAs assigned to communities?

Faculty/University Associates who work in a department with a Living Learning Community (LLC) are typically assigned to that community. F/UAs may also request a particular community or type of community (junior/senior students, male/female/co-ed, first-year students, etc.) with which they would like to be connected. If you don’t have a preference and aren’t connected to an LLC, we will find a place where we think you can be most beneficial.

How many F/UAs are there?

Our current roster includes 89 Faculty/University Associates, but numbers fluctuate throughout the year. There is no limit to how many faculty and staff members can be involved with the program!

Who can become an F/UA?

Any SIU faculty or staff member (A/P or Civil Service) is eligible to serve as a Faculty/University Associate. Please consult with your supervisor if you have questions about how this relates to your position on campus.

Tips for F/UAs

  • Be yourself. Students appreciate authentic interactions. This can be a great way to interact with them on a more informal level.
  • Start with the RA. When you are assigned to a community, you should receive contact information for the Resident Assistant (RA) on the floor. RAs are students who live in the communities, so they typically have a good understanding of what the floor needs and wants. They also have programming funds available to them, if you are interested in doing a program where costs may be associated or supplies are needed.
  • Ask questions. If you’re not sure where to start, contact our office and we can suggest ways you can get connected.

Have a tip you’d like to add? Email and we’ll include it on this page.