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To respect the home and privacy of students, we have developed the following solicitation guidelines. Additional solicitation venues are available on campus, including the Student Center and through a solicitation permit obtained from Student Involvement. The SIU policy on solicitation is available here. Direct questions to the University Housing Marketing Office at 618/453-2301.

Solicitation requests should be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to requested posting date(s).

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Quick Reference

The most commonly requested solicitation channels are listed in the chart below. Information on other channels and more information on the channels listed below is available on this page.

University Housing RSOs X X X X
SIU Depts & Colleges X X X
Off-Campus Groups X

Approval to Solicit

All solicitation within University Housing areas must adhere to University Housing guidelines and procedures. All programs or events must adhere to University Policies as outlined in the Student Conduct Code. Postings and solicitation will not be approved for any event or business promoting the sale or use of: credit card applications and vendors; SIU Logo materials; books; computers, iPods, software; off-campus housing, bars and night clubs, alcohol, nicotine, illegal substances, gambling, and any business in direct competition with Southern Illinois University Carbondale, including but not limited to the University itself, all offices and departments, all colleges, University Housing, the Student Center and the Student Recreation Center.

Approval to post items, solicit or distribute information through University Housing as well as exceptions to guidelines or procedures is given at the discretion of the University Housing Marketing Office, University Housing Residence Life Office or by the Director of University Housing. Printed or digital material not meeting guidelines will be removed. Handwritten signage is not permitted - all material should be computer generated. Material submitted by a University department or college should be brand compliant. More information is available in the SIU brand guide and logo guidelines.

University Housing reserves the right to deny or remove any promotion, flyer, digital sign, etc. for any reason at any time. University Housing is not responsible for incorrect information or errors made when posting or removing items. Posted materials will not be returned to groups after removal.

Events sponsored by SIU departments or colleges require the following SIU Accessibility Statement on promotional materials: Individuals with disabilities are welcomed. Call 618/453-5738 to request accommodations.


Advertising through flyers/posters (flyers) is available to University Housing RSOs, SIU departments and colleges, SIU RSOs, and off-campus groups (local businesses and organizations) who meet "Approval to Solicit" guidelines above and who follow steps below.

Flyers must be approved prior to posting. To request approval, follow the steps below.

  1. CONTENT: Ensure your flyer/poster promotes a specific event/program/date and includes: the organization name, organization contact information (office/business location, phone number, email address, or website), event title and date and, for on-campus organizations, a statement regarding accommodations for persons with disabilities (see "approval" above for official statement).
  2. APPROVAL: Submit a jpeg or pdf to the University Housing Marketing Office for approval. Please allow at least one week for review. Direct questions to 618/453-2301.
  3. DELIVERY: If approved, send flyers printed in letter (8.5x11), legal (8.5x14) or ledger (11x17) size to the University Housing Marketing Office, Student Services Building, fourth floor, mail code 6716 for posting. Quantities are provided below.


  • OFF-CAMPUS GROUPS: Submit up to six flyers for posting in commons areas.
  • ON-CAMPUS GROUPS: Submit up to 115 flyers for posting in commons areas, residence halls and apartments. Flyers need to be separated as follows: Central Housing (1); Mae Smith (17); Schneider (14); Neely (17); University Hall (9); Grinnell (1); Trueblood (2); West Campus (35); Wall & Grand Apartments (13); Evergreen Terrace/Elizabeth Apartments (6).

Groups wishing to promote promote different events with multiple flyers at the same time may be limited in posting access, pending space availability. Groups posting materials without approval may have posting privileges revoked. Postings are limited to the duration up to 30 days prior to event and will be removed and recycled immediately following event expiration. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must be in good standing as an RSO with applicable campus office(s).


Table tents are prohibited for all groups, including University Housing RSOs, with the exception of the University Housing Marketing Office or the Director of University Housing.


Advertising through napkin holder inserts is restricted to University Housing and University Housing RSOs only.

To advertise through napkin holder inserts, University Housing RSOs (BTO, RHA, Area Council) should submit a pdf or jpeg of the proof (meeting content/layout guidelines below) to the University Housing Marketing Office for approval. Groups found placing napkin holder inserts without approval may have posting privileges revoked. Inserts are limited to one week display time. If approved, University Housing RSOs should coordinate inserts with the Marketing Office. The inserts will be removed by dining staff and recycled after the event. Inserts may be discarded at the discretion of University Housing staff.

Content/Layout Guidelines

  • Napkin holder inserts must:

  • promote a specific campus event/program or range of campus events or date.

  • include the name of the RSO, the event title and date, and at least one of the following: office/business location, phone number, email address, or website.
  • include SIU Accessibility Statement if promoting an event (see approval above for official statement).
  • be 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 and printed on card stock or regular copy paper.


Advertising through digital signage is available to University Housing RSOs and SIU Carbondale departments and colleges only.

Digital signage is located throughout residence halls and commons areas. Sliders (advertisements) posted on digital signage will automatically post on the University Housing cable channel, viewable in residence hall rooms and Wall & Grand Apartments. Digital sliders must be approved by the University Housing Marketing Office.

To request approval, eligible groups should submit a jpeg of the slider (meeting content/layout guidelines below) to the University Housing Marketing Office. If approved, the flyer will be posted by Marketing Office staff. Digital sliders may be posted for up to two weeks or until the event expires.

Content/Layout Guidelines

Sliders must:

  • promote upcoming events or contain timely dates
  • include name of department/organization/RSO, event title and date, and at least one of the following: office/business location, phone number, email address, or website.
  • be jpeg files, landscape, and 1920 W x1080 H pixels
  • contain an SIU logo or identifier
  • be flat (with no appearing or roll-in text), as they are shown for 7-10 seconds only
  • include SIU Accessibility Statement if promoting an event (see approval above for official statement)
  • be updated periodically (this refers to static slides that are not date specific - to avoid dated or "stale" slides, static slides should have an updated design/appearance at least monthly or they will be deleted)


Due to requirements by the United States Postal Service, all mail items must have a specific student name and room number printed on the material to be distributed through student mailboxes. Additional requirements, including postage, are listed below.

On-Campus Groups (Departments/Colleges/RSOs)
Postage is not required for on-campus groups utilizing campus mail for the residence halls or Wall & Grand Apartments. On-campus groups may obtain a list of mailing labels for direct mail to student residents on campus by contacting Campus Mail Service at 618/453-5348. Items should be sorted in numerical order by room number and then banded together by building. Once items are properly labeled and sorted, contact the Residence Life Office at 618/453-3318 to make drop off arrangements. Include letter or note with your name, contact information and desired mail date. Please allow a minimum of five business days between drop off date and mail date.

Evergreen Terrace and Elizabeth Apartments do require paid postage. Labels may still be obtained via Campus Mail, however, postage must be added.

Off-Campus Groups

University Housing does not allow the "stuffing" of mailboxes by off-campus groups or entities. Mail to residents from off-campus groups or entities must adhere to United States Postal Guidelines. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) information is available online by clicking here.


While we are unable to meet every request to promote specific events, we will attempt to post items that are co-sponsored by University Housing or an SIU department/college/RSO. You can contact the University Housing Marketing Office at 618/453-2301 to discuss posts.


Advertising through brochure racks is restricted to University Housing and SIU Carbondale departments and colleges.

Each commons building (Grinnell, Trueblood and Lentz) contains a rack for brochures and pamphlets. University departments and colleges are permitted to supply material for these racks for students to take as needed. University related materials may be dropped off at the Residence Life Office (105 Trueblood Hall) for approval and distribution. University Housing reserves the right to limit the quantity of materials for distribution.

Outreach Activities

Outreach tables are restricted to SIU Carbondale departments and colleges.

University Housing Registered Student Organizations and university departments and colleges interested in interacting with residents may contact our Education & Outreach Office at 618/453-7535 to reserve an activity table in a commons space. Outreach table activity must not be disruptive to the function of the commons buildings, dining halls and patrons.

Our residence halls and apartments are 24/7 secure facilities. Door-to-door contacting of students and distribution of handbills are not permitted. In addition, groups are prohibited from contacting students, distributing handbills, conducting surveys, etc. within the dining halls. The dining halls are considered to be an extension of the students' home and are not open to solicitors. Groups interested in student outreach are encouraged to schedule an activity table in the Student Center.

Donation Drives

Donation drives are generally not permitted.

Exceptions to the restriction on donation drives are considered by the Director of University Housing. Direct questions to the Director's Office at 618/453-1086.

Coupons & Giveaways

Groups not prohibited under the "Approval" section of this page, who are interested in leaving materials for distribution as a “Free, Take One” giveaway will need to contact the Education and Outreach Office at 618/453-7535 for approval of materials and to reserve table space in Lentz, Grinnell and/or Trueblood Halls. Materials will be recycled or disposed of if left at the end of the scheduled activity table time.