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Black Male Initiative

Mae Smith, 13th floor, A Wing, Male Students

The Black Male Initiative is a campus-wide program focused on increasing the retention and graduation rates of our University's young African American males. Sponsors include the Black Resource Center and University Housing.

A key part of the Black Male Initiative framework is the Living Learning Community (LLC). This LLC provides new and returning students with a year-long focus on civic engagement and social integration. Additionally, the LLC offers educational, social, and professional programming, as well as campus and community leadership opportunities through collaborative and active learning.

Participants interact with faculty and staff from various departments through mentoring opportunities. Students are also encouraged to get involved on campus, and are introduced to a variety of Registered Student Organizations.

This LLC focuses on academic achievement by setting shared goals that are achievable through similar educational experiences. Added support in the form of tiered-mentoring, networking, professional development, and connections to campus resources are available. Additional activities include interactive workshops, group discussions, movie nights, off-campus trips, and mentoring in local schools.


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